Consumer finance solution

Consumer finance is a financial service provided by financial institutions to consumers in terms of consumption loans and installments. Sino-Parsons focuses on providing comprehensive IT service solutions for financial institutions, covering a full series of system services such as product demonstration, business acceptance, risk control, fund raising, debt transfer, settlement, and asset management.

Joint loan solution

An Internet joint loan system with advanced design concepts, stable technical architecture, and comprehensive business functions can quickly support expansion of financial business scenarios, integrate the entire risk control management system, effectively keep fund security, and clearly understand the accounting management system. This system includes the asset adapter, automatic approval, decision engine, financial accounting, fund clearing, unified reconciliation, and post-loan management.

Big data credit

The credit management platform is based on big data. With years of data accumulation in the financial field, and by taking into account characteristics of the Internet, Sino-Parsons has exerted great effort to create a risk control business concerning information development, which integrates various indicators for big data risk control of data models. Achievable functions include credit file, credit report, credit score, industry chain consolidation, accurate data service, credit consultation and investigation.

Block chain technology

Perfect application of e-commerce + blockchain mode. Blockchain is a decentralized and de-trusted collective data maintenance technology. Sino-Parsons applies this technology to the e-commerce field to achieve the goal of "free trade" between buyers and sellers. Blockchain records all transaction records and will not be changed, perfectly solving the criteria of trustworthiness. The distributed accounting mode of blockchain has built a transparent and secure system, and has been implemented for consumer privacy protection and confirmation of smart commodity consumption contracts.

Internet core

The Internet core platform relies on the concept of "componentized management, modular design, and parameterized control". Production of Internet financial products is realized through the form of "bond", to quickly achieve product innovation and risk control management. Products at the business level are realized via parameterized configuration, to build a new financial ecosystem involving banks, financial institutions, channels, and merchants, and provide a comprehensive Internet-based solution for banking consumer finance business.

Solution for supply chain finance

Supply chain finance is a supply chain IT service solution provided by the Internet financial platform to the core enterprises in the supply chain of financial institutions and their upstream and downstream partners, arming to help the core enterprises to maximize capital flow and enable upstream and downstream partners of the core enterprises to obtain funds in time for launching business. Sino-Parsons provides a comprehensive IT service solution for Internet financial platforms, covering a full series of system services such as enterprise loan application, risk control, fund raising, debt transfer, cash financing, settlement, and asset management.