Company Culture

Use technologies to foster inclusive finance and benefit the public,Become the best platform provider in Internet finance field.

Become a responsible learning organization that focuses on sharing and collaboration, and strive to become the most excellent and cutting-edge Internet financial service provider in the microfinance sector of China.

Core values

Embracing changes, entrepreneurial innovation, keeping promise, due diligence.

Customer first

Customer is the direction for all our actions;The value of our existence is to solve customer difficulties and meet customer needs;Our essence is to serve, respect customers, and respond quickly.

Constant integrity

Integrity is the fundamental principle of all our behaviors;We insist on making clear commitments and keep our promises;We insist on dealing with all stakeholders on the basis of legal compliance.

People foremost

Employees are the core resources of our continued victory;We will value the fellows contributing to the company;It is the core purpose of management to exert employees' strengths, cultivate their abilities, and stimulate their vitality.

Continued innovation

Innovation is the core driving force for our continued success;We encourage new attempts, as well as improvement and innovation on products, operational systems, and business models; we tolerate mistakes, but not repetitive ones.

Enterprise spirit

Passion    Coordination    Efficiency    Focus