Company Profile

       Sino-Parsons, headquartered in Beijing, is a global leading service provider that provides solutions for financial technology systems, and serves banks, state-owned enterprises, listed companies, and those dealing with insurance, trust, and small loans. The Company provides many products, including the joint lending platform, consumer finance system, Internet core technologies, and blockchain technology, aiming to provide customers with comprehensive solutions for Internet financial systems. The Company has taken the leading position of the industry with high-quality services, mature technologies, and years of experience in financial technology services.
Since its establishment, the Company has obtained national high-tech enterprise certification, double-software enterprise certification, and ISO9001 certification; won dozens of awards and certificates; and been incorporated as a member of relevant authorities and industry associations. The core team of the Company is composed of senior financial people, IT and Internet professionals, and team members have rich experience as working in domestic and overseas financial industries, regulatory agencies, state-owned enterprises, and listed companies. The Company provides superior services to customers, with professional technology, excellent system, and years of industrial experience.


2010 Company registered but not yet operated, waiting for opportunities!

April 2013 First contract signed and the company formally launched!

July 2013 1st generation products completed!

April 2014 First cooperation agreement in the bank field signed!

September 2014 First head-level bank cooperation agreement signed!

November 2015 Reached cooperation with one of China's five largest banks on construction and implementation of the Internet investment and financing platform!

December 2015 National Internet Finance Association of China established, and Sino-Parsons incorporated as the first batch of technological members!

March 2016 Held a product registration &information disclosure system conference with the P2P Association!

April 2016 Created the first Internet financial service platform for the Guizhou Rural Credit Cooperatives Association!

March 2017 Created a bank-level Internet financial cloud platform!

September 2017 Worked with one of the operators to develop a financial model!