• Guoshi Microfinance from Bank of Communications

    Fruit Microfinance is an official client developed by the Bank of Communications for processing Internet financial business, which provides credit services, preferential rights, and diversified value-added services for JiaYiTong customers. [Product features] (1) simple application: users can apply for loans online at any time using the APP without going to an outlet; (2) burden-free guarantee: credit loan, free of pledge and guarantee; (3) Fast approval: loan approval based on big data, and quickest release possible within the same day; (4) revolving line of credit: line of credit valid for one year, and self-help loan within 500,000; (5) long repayment period (max. 90 days) for single loans and adapting to the business turnover cycle; (6) multi-channel withdrawal: supporting both POS card-swapping and cash withdrawal, and meeting the demand for emergency payment in peak season; (7) flexible repayment: allow repayment of interest by installments and capital in a lump sum, penalty exempted for advance repayment, relieving short-term financial pressure; (8) dynamic credit adjustment: with more adequate loan application data submitted and more money collected via JiaYiTong, more chances for increasing the line of credit or enjoying preferential interest rate.

  • Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

    Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd. (SPDB) was established on August 28, 1992 at the approval of the People's Bank of China, opened on January 9, 1993, and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1999 (stock exchange code: 600000). It is a national joint-stock commercial bank and headquartered in Shanghai. At present, it has a registered capital of RMB 19.653 billion. Good performance and reputation of integrity have made SPDB a notable and respected listed company in the Chinese securities market.

  • Guizhou Rural E-loan of Guizhou Rural Credit Cooperative

    Since the deepening reform in 2003, Guizhou Rural Credit Cooperative (RCC) has always been concerned about county economy and adhered to the market positioning of serving "agriculture, rural areas, and rural residents", as well as communities, and small and medium-sized enterprises. With the business philosophy of "rooted in the countryside, lived by agriculture, and concerned about peasants", Guizhou RCC has succeeded in "breaking out" from the dilemma faced at the beginning of reform and throwing off heavy burdens. Now, it acquires a completely new outlook and becomes a leader among financial institutions in the banking sector of the province. "Guizhou Rural E-loan for Powering Poverty Alleviation" (Guizhou Rural E-loan for short), the first Internet financial service platform launched by Guizhou RCC Association breaks through the time and space limits, and realizes customer self-service for online lending, online repayment, and online reservation. It supports uninterrupted service for 7 x 24 hours, and opens "anytime, anywhere, and free" credit service experience for users.

  • UnionPay data

    China UnionPay Data Services Co., Ltd. (referred to as UnionPay Data) is a holding subsidiary of China UnionPay. It was established in Shanghai in January 2003 with a registered capital of RMB 185 million. In December 2005, the company introduced a strategic investor, Total System Services Inc. (TSYS). The company's main business is computer software development and sales, system integration, data processing (card-issue processing, hosting, and DR service), and related technical consulting and services. Since its establishment, UnionPay Data always sticks to its corporate philosophy of "market first, customer first, and service first”, and forges ahead with determination. Up to the beginning of January 2015, the company has signed card-issue outsourcing and integration service contracts with 173 domestic and overseas customers, including Industrial Bank, Minsheng Bank, Hua Xia Bank, Postal Savings Bank of China, SPDB, Bank of East Asia, YINTONG Payment, and PCITC. The total number of operating cards has reached 155.4 million.

  • Tancheng Rural Commercial Bank

    Shandong Tancheng Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd is a joint-stock commercial bank reformed from Shandong Tancheng RCC Association as approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission, and also the second rural commercial bank established in the city. Its registered capital is RMB 339.62 million. Up to the end of 2015, this bank has a total asset of RMB 10.8 billion, deposit balance RMB 9 billion, loan balance RMB 5.718 billion, 44 business outlets, and over 600 employees. It implements a management system featuring primary legal person, unified accounting, hierarchical management, and authorized operation.

  • Minsheng Trust

    China Minsheng Trust Co., Ltd., formerly known as China Tourism International Trust and Investment Co., Ltd., was established in 1994. In March 2003, the company was reconstructed as approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission. On April 16, 2013, the company completed re-registration and reopened on April 28. At present, the company has a registered capital of RMB 7 billion, and is controlled by Wuhan CBD Investment &Development Co., Ltd, whose president is Mr. Lu Zhiqiang. China Minsheng Trust Co., Ltd. is dedicated to become a first-class financial service company with global vision, and also a honorable company featuring distinctive enterprise culture, advanced concept, leading model, stable performance, flexible and efficient services, to create value for customers and contribute to the innovation and development of the financial industry in China.

  • Opera browser

    Opera browser is the Chinese brand product of Opera, the world's first mobile browser. It is small and powerful, and features concise interface design and adaptive social APP for Chinese users. Opera browser has launched a free-traffic version, for users to surf the Internet without charge for data traffic (except for watching video and downloading software). Opera mobile browser integrates the powerful kernel and leading cloud transcoding technology to increase the website access speed by 5 to 10 times and save up to 92% data traffic.

  • TAIRONG of Tailong Bank

    "TAIRONG" (www.taironglc.com) is an Internet financial platform relying on the small-and-micro credit risk control technology provided by Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank, which provides fund supervision and asset witness for TAIRONG. It protects fund security for users to the greatest extent with advanced management concepts and cutting-edge risk control technology. TAIRONG aims to provide investors with safe, stable, convenient, and low-threshold Internet financial investment solutions, broaden financing channels for small and micro enterprises, reduce financing costs, and provide unique Internet financial solutions to alleviate the problems of difficult and expensive financing for small and micro enterprises.

  • MJS

    MJS, with the full name of Beijing MJS Financial Information Service Co., Ltd., is an Internet wealth management platform to the Minsheng Jinfu board of Oceanwide Holdings. It has a registered capital of RMB 1 billion and is headquartered in Minsheng Financial Center, East Chang An Avenue, Beijing. Oceanwide Holdings, with the full name of Oceanwide Holdings Co., Ltd., was established in 1989 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1994 with stock code 000046. After years of steady development, Oceanwide Holdings has steadily advanced from a traditional real estate development company to a production-finance integrated international enterprise group that takes finance as primary business, industry as basis, and Internet as platform. Oceanwide Holdings owns such financial sectors as Minsheng Securities, Minsheng Trust, Minsheng Futures, Minsheng Guarantee, Asia Pacific Property Insurance, Minsheng Factoring, and financial leasing, as well as real estate, investment, and other comprehensive business.