P2P lending management platform

This platform extends channels for offline credit business in the Internet field. It provides two types of credit product services: online processing and online reservation. For credit products of online processing type, users register the system, pass real name authentication, and sign the agreement, to directly borrow money within the line of credit via the system and enjoy self-help borrow and repayment. For credit products of online reservation type, users register the system and enter necessary information to apply for the loan product and later complete the loan procedure at an offline outlet.

Consumer finance management system

The consumer loan support system based on the consumption scenario supports the mainstream Internet consumer financial services for different modes, such as commodity orders and quota revolving credit. Based on the concept of "componentized management, modular design, and parameterized control", the system can quickly realize product innovation and risk control management. It realizes business-level products through parameterized configuration and creates a new financial ecosystem involving banks, financial institutions, channels, and merchants.

Joint loan platform

Two or more banks work together to lend money at a loan request. The initiating bank acquires customers through its self-operated channel or asset diversion platforms, and cooperates with cooperative banks to issue loans. Each loan is jointly funded by both parties, and issued to the customer via the initiating bank. When customers repay the loan, the sponsoring bank clears funds of the cooperative bank (including, principal, interest and interest penalty) after deducting customers’ funds. The sponsoring bank generates the checking file T+1 days after the loan is offered and recovered, and sends it to the cooperative bank for information registration and accounting treatment.

Internet investment and financing platform

The P2P lending intermediary service provides the operator with online matching investment services on the fund and asset end. It supports online loans and repayment, purchase of finance products, and debt transfer.

Credit management system

This system provides pre-loan audit, in-loan audit, collection at mature, and asset disposal services for traditional offline business, such as car mortgage loan, house mortgage loan, and credit loan.